Triangular Arbitrage Platform

Our platform is suitable for all traders, both beginners, and professionals. Triangular or triple arbitrage is the result of a price difference between the three currencies when exchange rates do not match. Such discrepancies are common in the cryptocurrency market. Using our software and powerful servers, we make arbitrage transactions within 1 exchange almost in real-time ...

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Triangular Arbitrage Example
Sell ​​USDT and buy BTC
1 USDT = 0,000115 BTC
1000 * 0,000115 = 0.115
Sell BTC and buy ETH
1 BTC = 45,460 ETH
0.115 * 45.460 = 5.2279 ETH
Sell ETH and buy USDT
1 ETH = 198.75 USDT
5.2279 * 198.75 = 1039,045 USDT

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Automated trading

Our bot can trade instead of you, choosing the best pairs for the transaction.
You relax, and our trading bot works.

Maximum profit from transactions You relax and our platform generates profit for you
The uptime of our bots is 99.99% Distributed server load keeps the bot always in service
Low cost of our bot Only 0.005 BTC one-time and you get daily profit for a lifetime

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