Short test report. What's next?

Short test report. What's next?

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Dear users of the 3ARBS platform as you probably already know, we have completed testing today.

We have identified and immediately corrected failures in the operation of the following systems:
1) Work with balance, replenishment, and withdrawal procedures (competitive requests). The failure was quite serious, but we quickly fixed it and enhanced the platform security.
2) Manual and automated orders. There was no sending a letter after the order was closed for manual orders. Automated orders did not sum up the daily profit. We corrected the profitability on Saturday, and now the platform sums up the daily profit and performs calculations properly.
3) Work with the hot Bitcoin node. We found bugs in the node operation. It is not the fault of our experts, but the Bitcoin Core failure. We installed additional hot nodes for wallets. Now we have 3 backup nodes. Uptime 99.99%.

These are the critical failures. We also found problems in the platform layout and texts. We have received many requests from you and we worked hard to fix everything asap.

What's next? Now we know that there is too little information for you in the personal account about working with orders, you need more transparency, so the next step will be to upgrade personal account, set schedules and timers for the bot.

Representatives of the eastern countries asked us to improve the affiliate program conditions, make it progressive with the possibility of increasing affiliate profits depending on the account structure, as well as to add automated rewards to your downline partners. We will do it.

Some clients do not fully understand how orders work. In this regard, after the introduction of updates to your personal account, you will understand the specifics of the platform, this is not an investment platform. We can guarantee you profitable bot transactions, but not huge income percentage. The monthly income from automated orders is 15%-150%. It depends on the market and arbitrage conditions. Do not be discouraged if you do not see the desired numbers, you have to understand that this is a trade, and it’s profitable. According to our previous testing, the average monthly percentage for automated orders will vary from 35% to 105% per month.

We continue to improve our platform. If you have any questions and requests, fell free to ask us, and we will gladly answer.

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