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People from Brazil and Portugal wrote to us asking to translate the platform into Portuguese. Our translators have delivered us ready-made localization files today. Now you can create training videos, presentations, and advertising posts that are aimed at a...

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We localized the platform in German. Now the arbitration platform is available to a German-speaking audience. Invite your friends, earn more via our affiliate program. Regards, 3ARBS team.

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Today our platform has become available in Spanish. Our tech team works daily to improve the platform. We are pleased to see numerous technical support requests with ideas for optimizing the platform. Thank you for taking an active part in the life of the...

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Our platform is international. As the number of customers grows, the need for improvement based on geolocation becomes more apparent. It is necessary to ensure the translation of advertising materials and the platform itself. We added 1 more language - Japanese....

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A small update to the client’s account

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Dear users of the 3ARBS platform. Today we have updated personal accounts. Now you have access to more information regarding the operation of the platform, bot, and your orders. We have added affiliate ranks, statistics, and a leaderboard. The usability of the...

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Short test report. What's next?

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Dear users of the 3ARBS platform as you probably already know, we have completed testing today. We have identified and immediately corrected failures in the operation of the following systems: 1) Work with balance, replenishment, and withdrawal procedures...

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Dear clients of the 3ARBS platform, we are still in testing mode, but this does not prevent us from developing and improving the platform. Our experts work hard to make the platform more convenient and clear. Now the platform is available in Chinese, which means...

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Hello World!

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This is the first news from the 3ARBS platform. We will work in testing mode for the first 10 days. The site is functional. We conducted various tests, but we do not know how the platform will behave under heavy load. We know how you all expected to launch so the...

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